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Engineering  |  E2

Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are informal sessions (“chats”) on fun engineering related topics, and the opportunity for students to get to interact with faculty, industry partners, and staff!

What: Experience the Fulton Difference through our Fireside Chats! Meet engineering industry professionals, Fulton Schools faculty, and student leaders.

Who: All E2 Camp participants should attend! Each session will have multiple “chats” to choose from.

When: Alternating days and times to accommodate all schedules. Please see below to learn more.

Industry partners are big name companies who have partnered with us to come talk to YOU! Start expanding your network today!

Fulton Schools faculty are world-class engineers, teachers, scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Chat with them about their background, expertise, and interests.

Have fun with your C2s and Fulton Schools staff! Participate in various games at each session, inlcuding: Shipwreck, mafia, and Scattergories.

8/10, 6:30PM


Fernando Hernandez, employee of Boeing

Shipwreck, mafia, Scattergories

8/11, 6PM

Zach Whitten, employee of Stantec
Amelia Ochsenbein, employee of Stantec
Todd Ramsey, employee of Stantec
Bernadette Rex, employee of Stantec

Nikki Lopez, Fulton Schools alumni

Jared Schoepf, Fulton Schools faculty and EPICS co-director

Shipwreck, mafia, Scattergories