A hand doing the fork symbol in front of a black lightning bolt with a maroon shadow underneath.

Rock the pines
this summer at
E2 camp

Three E2 campers dressed in maroon and gold ASU shirts giving the fork hand signal.

Get ready to have a blast with E2

An engineering experience of a lifetime!

As an essential part of your journey with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, E2 is the perfect opportunity to meet other students, work together as a team, and enhance your problem-solving skills.

Play E2 Mountaineer

E2 Mountaineer

Play the E2 Mountaineer game and see how high you can climb!

Get to know your new Fulton family

You’ll make unforgettable memories with new friends and get to engage with our amazing faculty, staff, and industry professionals.

With an upperclassmen peer mentor (C2) by your side every step of the way, you’ll never feel alone. And let’s not forget about the awesome activities we have planned for you!

From exciting challenges to thrilling adventures, E2 is the ultimate summer experience for anyone who loves engineering.

So what are you waiting for?

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Camp dates

Camp 1

July 25–27, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 2

July 27–29, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 3

July 29–31, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 4

July 31–Aug. 2, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 5

Aug. 3–5, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 6

Aug. 5-7, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 7

Aug. 6–8, 2024
Pine Rock

Camp 8

Aug. 7–9, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 9

Aug. 8–10, 2024
Pine Rock

Camp 10

Aug. 9–11, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 11

Aug. 10–12, 2024
Pine Rock

Camp 12

Aug. 11–13, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 13

Aug. 12–14, 2024
Pine Rock

Camp 14

Aug. 13–15, 2024
Chapel Rock

Camp 15

Aug. 14-16, 2024
Pine Rock 

Camp 16

Aug. 15–17, 2024
Chapel Rock

Important information for out-of-state and international students

If you are from out-of-state or you are an international student and will be living on campus in the fall, we’ve got you covered! Our staff will be happy to assist you with early move-in options for your residential hall. Review the details below to learn more about your camp options and how to request early move-in if you’re interested. Priority deadline for requesting early move-in is June 21, 2024 and the final deadline is July 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Important information for out-of-state domestic students

We recommend these camps for you if you are a domestic student living on campus and are NOT in Barrett, The Honors College. You will move in a day prior to your camp, attend E2 camp, and then return to your residence hall. 

Camp 12: any student living on Tempe campus
Camp 13: any student living on Tempe or  Polytechnic campuses
Camp 14: any student living on Tempe, Polytechnic or West Valley campuses
Camp 15: any student living on Tempe or Polytechnic campuses
Camp 16: any student living on Tempe campus

Important information for international students

If you are an international student, we recommend you consider these E2 camps. You can move in up to two nights prior to your E2 camp, attend E2 camp, and return in time to attend International student welcome on August 16, 2024. Learn more about arrival for international students here.

Camp 13: any international student living on Tempe or Polytechnic campuses
Camp 14: any international student living on Tempe, Polytechnic or West Valley campuses

Important Information for students accepted into Barrett, The Honors College

If you are a Barrett, The Honors College student, we recommend you consider selecting the early move-in camp based upon your campus. You may be eligible (see below) to move in early, attend E2 camp, and then be able to attend the relevant community building program offered by Barrett, The Honors College. Learn more here.

Camp 14: any out of state Barrett, The Honors College student living on the Tempe campus.
Camp 15: any out of state Barrett, The Honors College student living on the Polytechnic campus. In state Barrett, The Honors College students living on the Polytechnic campus may attend any E2 camp.



Hear from Dean Squires and fellow Fulton Students

Benefits of attending

Meet cool people
like Dean Squires and Mr. Ira A. Fulton
Compete with your team
in an escape room, jeopardy, and other hands-on activities
Learn from the pros –
faculty and industry – in your first ASU 101 class
Roast marshmallows
during our campfires

Our sponsors

Thank you to all of the sponsors who made this event possible.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

Collins Aerospace logo

Collins Aerospace

Honeywell logo

Honeywell Aerospace

The Boeing Company


Los Alamos National Laboratory logo

Los Alamos National Laboratories

Arizona State University. Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

FSE Alumni Chapter

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What students are saying about E2

Photo of campers throwing up the fork with a colorful painted rock in the background with the message "Today is a great day" painted on it.
My favorite part of E2 was meeting so many amazing people within my major as well as learning from current students and faculty!

Students at E2 receive a one-of-a-kind experience that introduces them to the Fulton Difference! Go, Devils!

– Jake Okun

Campers lined up throwing up the forks
My favorite memory was solving the escape room puzzle because I love doing real escape rooms and it was great to work with other incoming students.

E2 makes students feel they are officially apart of ASU.

– Cary Gutnick

A pile of beanbags with the ASU fork logo on them
E2 set the tone for my first year at ASU and in the Fulton School of Engineering. While virtual, I was still able to build relationships that I still have to this day.

Being able to have a sneak peek into what my collegiate experience would be like was very helpful!

– Caleb Pyrz